CIL Art Showcase

The CIL is hosting an Art Showcase on December 14th from 2 – 4pm!

Anyone can submit their artwork for a chance to win a prize, but be sure to submit your work by December 13th!

Please join us to view and buy your favorite art pieces! There will be paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, photography and so much more!

We appreciate your continual support and look forward to seeing everyone come out for this event!

CILNCF is Entering the Sunstate Federal Credit Union Contest!

The CIL of North Central Florida is entering Sunstate Federal Credit Union’s contest to win $1,000! With the most votes by liking our comments on Instagram and Facebook, the CIL will win!

Here’s how you can help us win…

  1. Log in to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  2. Search for Sunstate Federal Credit Union’s account.
  3. Under their most recent #GivingTuesday post, find the comment that nominates “The Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida”.
  4. Hit that like button so we can win!

Thanks for your support in spreading the word to our community partners!

Why does the CIL continue to be involved with disaster readiness?

CIL’s are huge advocates of emergency management and preparedness, but why do we prepare our communities for emergencies to the extent that we do? Often times, people with disabilities get lost in all the commotion during disasters and they end up placed in an environment that may appear to meet their needs, but actually doesn’t, such as a nursing home or psychiatric institution. This is why it’s extremely important that everyone is prepared beforehand and aware of all their resources. The CIL does our best to make sure these resources are accessible to everyone!

If you’d like to learn more about why it’s important to prepare for disasters, and why CIL’s will always be heavily involved with disaster readiness, this article is an informative read. The Emergency Management sector of Government Technology goes into depth on this issue and explains why this happens and how best to avoid it.

For more on emergency preparedness visit the Administration for Community Living’s Emergency Preparedness blog, and stay updated with us — the CIL will always be here for you!